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Nearby tourist information

Please use it for various purposes such as pilgrimage, udon tour, and museum tour in Seto Inland.

New Sunpia Sakaide neighborhood map

Pilgrimage to Shikoku 88 places

  • ■77th Fudasho (temple on the pilgrimage) Kuwata Myoin Doryuji Temple(Souzan)
    ■78th Fudasho (temple on the pilgrimage) Bukkozan Kotokuin Goshoji Temple(Bukkozan Kotokuin Goshoji)
    ■79th Fudasho (temple on the pilgrimage) Kinkazan Koshoin Tennoji Temple(Kinkazan Koshoin Tennoji)
    ■81st Fudasho (temple on the pilgrimage) Ryoshozan Dorinin Shiromineji Temple(Ryoshozan Dorinin Shiromineji)
    ■No. 82 Fudasho Aominesan Senju Council Negoroji Temple(Aomi Nezan Senjuin Negoroji)

Recommended tourist spots

  • Higashiyama Kaii Setochi Art Museum

    A museum that displays works donated by Japanese painter Painter Kaii Higashiyama.
    You can see the beautiful islands of Seto from the lounge.
  • Marugame Castle

    There are plenty of events to learn about history, touch culture and have fun.
  • Seto Ohashi Bridge

    Consisting of six bridges, the world's largest bridges are spectacular.
    It is lit up every Saturday and on certain days.
  • Tamamo Park

    It is a designated historic site of the country known for the Japan's Top 3 Great Mizuki (Water Fortress) Castle of Japan in Japan's Top 3 Great Mizuki (Water Fortress) Castle of Japan.
    There is a dry landscape garden in the garden, and the garden that draws in seawater is worth a visit!
  • Shikoku Village

    It is a place where you can meet the original scenery of Japan.
    You can experience and enjoy the old life, nature, art and history of Shikoku.

    In addition to 32 different attractions, you can enjoy shows and parades by Exclusive Members of the Theater Reoma of the Exclusive Members of the Theater Reoma.
  • Sanuki Mannou Park

    You can enjoy various leisure activities such as Izumi Square and cycling.
    There are dome-shaped facilities that can be used in the rain.
  • Kotohira-gu Shrine

    Kompirasan (Kotohiragu Shrine) is called Kompirasan (Kotohiragu Shrine) and is familiar.
    You can enjoy a variety of expressions in Urasando, such as cherry blossoms in spring, azaleas in early summer, and autumn leaves.
  • Ritsurin Garden

    Designated as a special scenic spot in the country and won three stars in the "Michelin·Green Guide·Japon",
    It is a beautiful garden with more than 100 kinds of flowers showing seasonal expression in each season.
    It is lit up in spring and fall.
  • Yajima

    There is an observatory where you can see the Old Battlefield and Mt Goken, Shodoshima Island, etc.
    Genpei War is also popular as a night view spot for the Genpei War.
    There are also many events at the New Yashima Aquarium.