【Official】Shiramine Onsen New Sunpia Sakaide

Welcome to the superb inn.

Towering over Sanuki Plain one peak of Goshikidai, nestled The top of Mt Shiramine the The top of Mt Shiramine, inn of view overlooking the Seto Ohashi Bridge and Sakaide City
A natural hot spring with a smooth spring called "Bihada Bihada-no-yu", which has an indoor bath and an outdoor bath where you can soak in the scenery of the Setouchi islands and the night view of Sakaide.
You can choose various kaiseki and gozen dishes depending on the season.
Please enjoy a meal that changes from season to season, including the blessings from Setouchi and the magnificent mountains from the Goshikidai.

 ~ Gozen and Kaiseki cuisine ~
"You can enjoy Sanuki's Specialty Chicken on the bone and seasonal rice cooked at Kokufuku Kofuku Gozen Set Meal"
"Nine colorful Shosai Set Meal are fun ~ Seasonal Shosai Set Meal ~"
"Spring kaiseki cuisine prepared by picking up ingredients according to the season-Spring rain kaiseki cuisine-"
"A luxurious chief chef's special spring only kaiseki cuisine using spring vegetables cultivated by the magnificent blessings of Goshikidai Yoharu Kaiseki cuisine-"

  ~A natural hot spring with a great view.A large public bath and an open-air bath heal your mind and body ~
This Bihada-no-yu spring is sometimes called "Bihada-no-yu".
The bicarbonate spring removes unwanted keratin from the skin and dirt from the pores.
Just entering it has the effect of cleaning your body as if you washed it with soap.

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New Sunpia SAKAIDE


2048-91 Takaya Town, Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture

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30 minutes by car from JR Sakaide Station

Transfer available(conditions)
Free shuttle bus from Sakaide Station to our hotel(*Reservation required up to 1 day before)
15:40 from JR Sakaide Station 15:40
Departure from hotel 10:00 from JR Sakaide Station 10:30
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